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walker_were [userpic]

Walker Jerome and Paris ~ Mardi Gras meet up

March 10th, 2011 (08:12 pm)

[cross posted to walker_were and blood_paris ]

Mun’s Note: Backdated to March 8, 2011 ~ Mardi Gras

It would be a while before Paris could meet up with his main squeeze, Kevin. The streets were already littered with crowds and confetti but the parade had yet to start. This was Paris’ first experience with Mardi Gras and he was grateful that he had been allowed to come out this evening before returning to the house arrest he was under.

Warm I like, Walker whispered kissing the fingers at his lips. And I would like to get to know you a lot better. You have piqued my curiosity.Collapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Liam, Hoot, Karl and Walker ~ Hunting the hunters

January 17th, 2011 (12:07 am)

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Liam looked at his alphas and warned them, "We scan the area in fur, stay close enough that we have each other's back. The one the Vamp killed might have acted on his own, but we can't take chances."

"The pack's been warned to give that area a wide berth, but I have a feeling one or two might be feeling macho - we'll need to keep an eye out for them too." Hoot stood with his back to the wall, arms crossed as he stared at the ground, mind already on the hunt.

Karl sat just to the side of Hoot, eyes moving between the two men as they spoke.Collapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Karl Urban and Walker Jerome ~ Do I need to talk about the Vamp to seduce you? NC17

October 17th, 2010 (09:00 pm)

[Crossposted to walker_were and bq_karl]

Karl had let his wolf out for a run, and man, did his animal go. Miles disappear under large black paws, tufts of earth behind in small patches. He was tiring, legs beginning to shake from the exertion; realizing he was closer to Walker’s place than town, the large black wolf headed there, hoping to find his friend home.

Walker could smell the wolf as soon as he entered his territoryCollapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Walker Jerome and Josh Holloway ~ Wolf and kitty cat play

September 6th, 2010 (08:04 pm)


The shallows of the river flowed warm over Walker's naked skin. He dived under and swam to the deep center where it was cool and quiet, but in that quiet he sensed someone near by... another Were had found his home.

"Afternoon," Josh called out, trying to make himself known to the were as quickly as possible. "Hope you don't mind me stoppin by."

Walker surfaced and tread water; a huge grin on his face.Collapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Jared Leto, Hoot, Walker Jerome and Andre Marek ~ Vampire in a Were bar.

July 15th, 2010 (07:54 pm)

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[Backdated = Follows this post]

Jared stalked the streets pushing people out of his way. The were at the club had left him frustrated and hungry; so hungry it was as if his skin itched with the need for blood. Each human that passed him left a heat trail and the scent of their blood... but suddenly there was another scent. It was strong and it wasn't simply hunger that drew Jared to it.

Back to the corner, arms across his chest, Hoot watched the Weres around him. His pack. Collapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Walker Jerome and Karl Urban ~ Kitty want his belly rubbed?

April 21st, 2010 (07:25 pm)

[Crossposted to walker_were and bq_karl]

Karl moved through the woods, ears intent on the small night sounds as he moved toward Walker's place. He'd not seen his friend in a while and missed him, missed just talking to someone who understood his need for a pack-life.

Find anything interesting? The big golden Mountain Lion seemed to smile down from its branch.

kitty want his belly rubbed?Collapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Walker Jerome and Josh Holloway ~ Will that be all for you kitten?

February 13th, 2010 (06:31 pm)

[Crossposted to walker_were and holloway_blood]

Walker lifted the bottle to his lips and swigged the last of the beer as he wandered past the late night tourists. New Orleans fit him well. Tossing the empty bottle into a trash can Walker scanned the street and spotted one of the bars that catered for his kind.

Josh surveyed the stragglers taking note of the few Weres intermingled with humans. Collapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Karl Urban and Walker Jerome ~ Wolf and Lion reunite

December 1st, 2009 (09:00 pm)

[Crossposted to walker_were and bq_karl]

He was looking for his friend, nose to the air hoping to catch a whiff of scent, or something that would point the general direction to Walker.

Just like a big cat Walker loved to stretch in the warmth of the sun. He'd spent the morning tending his small garden but the sun became just a little too tempting and he'd thrown off his shirt to spend some time in his makeshift hammock.

if you could purr, you probably would be doing thatCollapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Walker Jerome, Hoot, Frankie Roberts and Liam Neeson ~ A little feline help.

July 17th, 2009 (05:16 pm)

[Crossposted to all players]

[Follows immediately after the fight post]

Walker didn't make it into town all that often, but he knew not to turn down a request from the local Were prince. He moved easily through the crowded streets following the wolf to the Were bar and was soon surrounded by a pack of interested patrons. They instantly sensed he was one of them, but different and Walker had to ignore a string 'purred' taunts and catcalls as he made his way to the one they called Hoot.

Seems you've got someone in need of a little careCollapse )

walker_were [userpic]

Walker's bio and info

June 25th, 2009 (02:53 pm)

Walker JeromeCollapse )

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